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The full scent of the alpine meadow, practically captured inside a small glass jar. Our hay is harvested on our own alp. The effect of the scent and aroma of the air-dried hay is exceptional. Mountain farmers like to lie down in the fresh hay after a long day and rave about the calming and soothing effect it has on body and mind. The composition of the plant species can vary yearly and the biodiversity is affected by the weather conditions.

You will receive a fine and robust glass jar with a hemp cord, a cork lid, approximately 25g of air-dried hay and a booklet with the story attached.

Material: Glass, stainless steel, hemp cord, cork, mountain hay
Measures: Height 12 cm, Ø 10 cm
Weight: approx. 380 g
Volume: 500 ml



In the beginning, our blade of grass has the shape of a small grain and is covered with soil. All through its childhood it is nurtured with water, warmth and sunshine until finally, a tiny, frail blade fights its way through the soil and into the open air - surrounded by a million other blades of grass. The small blade keeps getting stronger and with time it grows into a long and proud blade of grass.


But the life of a grown-up blade of grass is not easy. In the winter it has to bend down under the heavy weight of the snow. In the fall, the blade can fall victim to a sheep and become food…. unromantically snapped off by a hungry mouth. Cut down to its roots, our ruffled blade of grass has to start growing again, in order to catch up to the other, longer blades. Growing is the main purpose in the life of a blade of grass.


As summer comes along, butterflies and bees keep the blade company while the wild mountain flowers bloom all around it. Now it is time for the final transformation!


On a mountain meadow, 1000m high on a hillside, our blade has reached its full length. The farmer mows the grass by hand because it is too steep to use any machinery. Once all the blades, the herbs and wild flowers are cut off, they rest in the sun to dry. The new life of our blade of grass begins. It turns into hay. Twice a day, the cut grass is carefully turned over and changes its colour. The scent of fresh hay is in the air. The farmer checks if all the blades are dry and rakes them together into a big pile. Most of the new hay is brought to the barn. But our blade goes on a special journey! Together with its friends, the herbs and wild flowers, it is filled into a small glass jar and is sent out into the world!

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