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The full scent of the alpine forest, practically captured inside a small glass jar. In the naturopathy, as well as perfumery, tree lichens have been known for a long time. Our treebeard is picked up from the ground and collected after strong downhill winds (Föhn). It grows only where nature is still in balance; an area with very good air quality, high humidity and intact, natural ecosystem. Beard lichen are also indirectly part of our intangible cultural heritage. Especially in Tyrol some carnival figures wear costumes made out of them. The variety and color of the lichens can vary, these are influenced by the weather.

You will receive a fine and robust glass jar with a hemp cord, a cork lid, approximately 40g of treebeard and a booklet with the story attached.

Material: Glass, stainless steel, hemp cord, cork, lichens
Measures: Height 12 cm, Ø 10 cm
Weight: approx. 380 g
Volume: 500 ml

The life of a beard lichen


The woods have many residents and some of them have more abilities than we think. Take for example the beard lichen. It’s a quiet, grey-greenish fellow and seems to just hang around, as an ornament maybe, or a tree accessory.


Its parents are a specific form of lichens. Our beard lichen is never alone. It clings to trees, preferably spruce, larch and birch. One could think that beard lichens harm the trees since they „take over“ the trunks. But beard lichen only cling to the surface. They do not live as parasites, but instead use the trees as a substrate. It seems to be their perfect place, protected by the guardians of the woods. .


beard lichen love cool, moist and clean air. Lichens are widely used as environmental indicators or bio-indicators. Only intact woods feed the slow growing lichens and the lichens dress the trees in mystic garments. They are pioneer plants and they have a long life-span. They watch other residents in the woods and sometimes even feed them.


With time, the arms of our beard lichen get tired and weak and when a strong storm blows through the woods, it can no longer cling to the trunk and falls to the soft ground. This is the beginning of its journey into a new life. A farmer gently picks our lichen and its siblings off the ground, preserves the earthly and aromatic scent and puts all the different beard lichens into a glass jar. The beard lichen enables us to bring nature into our homes and the special scent lets us dream of silent, deep and clean woods…

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