the fragrance
of the Alps

Imagine this: Quiet and relaxing days in the shadow of majestic peaks, hikes in the sunshine, on lonely mountain paths, across lush meadows, the scent of fresh grass in your nose. Pure nature! If only you could linger forever. There are days you wish for these moments and you long to be mesmerized by natural scents.

the fragrance of
the Alps

Scented candles and fragrance stones, incense sticks and modern, plastic air diffusers may come to mind. But during stressful times, who wants to look for a lighter, a power source or water? And who wants to breathe in soot, toxic substances or even bacteria? Or go looking for a dusty, stained fragrance stone which doesn’t go well with the whole interior design? In this scenario, every scent will be artificial, worlds away from a truly natural experience.

Alpine Flair wants to create an awareness and encourage people to perceive the authentic scent of nature with all their senses, you can smell, feel and see them. For those who like it a little more intense: the natural scent carriers can be drizzled with 100% pure, natural oil. The oil can be hidden away inside the glass, always within reach when you feel like dreaming yourself away for a few minutes.

Breathe deeply and enjoy a taste of nature, whenever you feel like it.

Be fair & give SUSTAINABLY
The stylish fragrance bouquet

All of our products are exclusively and lovingly packaged by hand. They are perfectly natural and of the highest quality. With the help of the essential oil and the sealable glass, you can regulate the intensity of the fragrance without releasing harmful accompanying substances. The decorative, fragrant mountain herbs and fascinating tree lichens are renewable fragrance carriers, ecological and available for refilling.

Mountaingrass fragrance bouquet
The mountain hay smells wonderful, even without essential oil.
100% pure mountaingrass
50g of hay from the mountains captured in a "FOR YOU" JuCo-bag. Used as a fragrance carrier or decoration.
Organic Mountaingrass oil
The herbaceous, mild scent of alpine meadows calms and gives you strength.
Treebeard fragrance bouquet
Very suitable as a fragrance carrier for woody scents.
100% pure treelichen
50g of treelichen from the mountains captured in a "FOR YOU" JuCo-bag. Used as a fragrance carrier or decoration.
Treebeard oil
The fresh, resinous scent of the mountain forest invigorates and takes you to alpine places.




As a child there was always enough time to play in the fields and in the forest.



Whether old or young, even today people long for nature.



Wouldn’t it be nice if you could trigger those memories with just one fragrance and make them come alive again?


Alpine Flair

Well, now you can! Because Alpine Flair brings the mountains to your home.

REGIONAL · ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY · HARVESTED 1000m above the sea - packaged by Hand

Patricia Müller


Founder Alpine Flair

Write us: info@alpineflair.at
Or send us a messenger pigeon - no, not really.

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